Bemnet Andualem

There are many ways to finish a master’s statement: “I don’t know, and I don’t care” is one; “I don’t know – do you?” is another; alternatively, “I don’t know and we’ll never know is yet another way. I believe I resonate more with the second option as my path to enlightenment. This is because we come from the void and we shall return to it. In between we are flashes of light sharing.

After I joined Lebawi Academy, I have learnt a lot from the various programs on offer. But the one I consider to be a wisdom to my soul and mind has been the fact that I pursued my mind’s makeup to “I know that I don’t know”. I have come to the awareness of the existence of the void; and, my mind’s design to sharing the light I found in the darkness beyond us. This is not magic, mystery or mythical. This is what I learnt in a short time at Lebawi. I call this the ‘Power of Lebawi’; where the impossible is possible.

As I present this idea, most of you might be wondering how I have come this knowing. Well, this was made possible through the package Lebawi offered me. The first one is the practice of course integration. This is when different subjects are combined and taught as one. We are helped to see an idea from the perspective of the different courses. Physics, Biology, Geography, Mathematics may be different subjects, but the core is essential the same – nature. Through this I understand the interconnectedness of my surrounding. From this practice I am made aware how much I don’t know most of my surrounding, hence the void. But now I interlink ideas and seek with curiosity.

At Lebawi, we do not only integrate courses but also the people – the Lebawi community. This is done through the subtle exercise of an African philosophy – Umoja. It simply means ‘I am because you are’. In Lebawi we use this idea to build our social interaction and integration. It helps us build a cohesive and welcoming community.

Furthermore, the lecture series programs are also one aspect of Lebawi that I cherish. This is when different smart and successful individuals from outside our school in different professions are invited to give us lessons and enlighten us. This mostly serves to give us exposure and a chance to interact with our role models. These lecture series programs also help me see how much I don’t know and how much is there for me to know.

Lastly, out of all my Lebawi experience the main one is the whole community, especially our smart teachers. They provide us the opportunity to learn, explore, understand and develop – by letting us know that we don’t know.

Bemnet Andualem
Grade 10
Dec 26, 2018