Congratulation Ahadu Cohort of 2017

We are very proud to announce that this year, the very first Lebawi graduates, The Ahadu cohort of 2017 have all received their first degrees from colleges and universities around the world.

Our philosophy

No life is given without a purpose. All life has meaning, purpose, and direction. Education enables human beings to find individuated expressions of that purpose. At Lebawi, we have developed a curricular framework based on this philosophy. As a result, students are registering amazing results as they navigate life in different parts of the globe. When our students graduate they are ready for life.

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We are excited to announce partnership projects with SilconValley4u Ethiopia coding school for kids and youth

I am Lebawian

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Lecture Series at Lebawi

Coming Up

Ustaz Abubakar Ahmed will discuss Volunteerism and Ethiopianism

Date: May 20 2021 1:30 - 3:05


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Registration for the 2020 / 2021 school year is open. 

All potential students sit for an entrance exam that includes all subjects. In addition to a written exam, students are required to exhibit their leadership potential through individual and group problem-solving exercises.

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Latest news & events

Friday Community Meetings

Every Friday, the entire school comes together in a 1-hour meeting to discuss upcoming events, to showcase student talent, and to engage in a community forum designed to help build the Lebawi culture.

An Evening with Lebawians

Creativity is an important quality of a leader and Lebawi believes in providing the platform for students to showcase their creative talents. An evening with Lebawians is a monthly program designed to provide an opportunity for students to share poems, plays, pros and other demonstration of creative talents to the school community. This event is held once a month on the last Wednesday of the month.

A lecture series at Lebawi

The lecture series brings prominent and highly accomplished individuals to Lebawi to lead a series of lectures and rigorous academic discourse to help our students make the connections between in-class instructions with that of real-world situations. Four lecture series are held each year in support of this mission.

Madam President's Visit to LIA

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Message from head of school

Modern education has given us tremendous gifts and has made life a lot better for millions of human beings. At the very same time, it's unfortunate and often times dehumanizing effects are widely noticed. Global and progressive thinkers such as Paulo Ferrera critic modern education for its inability to humanize, and its

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