Negash Asayehegn

I believe we all have experienced that unrelenting sense of discomfort, a desirous itch. I say curiosity is an itch, it demands to be scratched! As I have read in a book written by George R. R. Martin, “Valar Douharis!” – In High Valarian, translated to, “[Everyone] must serve!” I felt like the purpose for my existence was to serve my curiosity and strive to know everything.

I have recently discovered there is a voice of curiosity in my mind. Even though most people have it we don’t know it exists. As a child I used to summon that voice to help me in difficult positions; I asked that voice to answer to my curiosity and somehow that voice seemed to enjoy that I am asking. As I got older I found out that the voice needs a medium to communicate with me. Lebawi Academy has been that medium for me.

Over my stay at Lebawi, I have developed a sense of curiosity and inquiry towards my culture, belief, knowledge and community. Lebawi has never stopped to surprise me. I might be walking down the hall way or entering the gate to find things that trigger that voice to be more curious. Inside of the class room, the course integration and curriculum plus helped further give answers to my curiosity and outside interaction with my peer always introduced me to new perspectives. Lebawi also taught me a sense of responsibility to my surrounding, to give back to the society that raised me. I started a project called Green Hack – where I teach children around my neighborhood the art of coding.

Community meetings has been one of my favorite traditions at Lebawi. It is the time where we gather around as a family and argue on issues, make decisions, acknowledge the people helping us and learn from others. These meetings familiarized us with the people around us; I started seeing the staff as friends, the teachers as parents and students as siblings. This people stood with me through the good and the bad. They criticized and supported me when I needed it. My confidence around people grew more and more.

The student-led clubs in the school, the traditional values we practice, and the family around me are the reasons for that voice to communicate with me, and help me to be the person I am today.

Negash Asayehegn
Grade 12
Dec 26, 2018