Eleni Girma

Although I have only spent six months in Lebawi, the Lebawi community has given me the space to explore myself in different dimensions. From what I have realized so far Lebawi is not only an academic focused school, but also it helps us, the students, discover and connect to our Ethiopian communities and identities through different programs. The various extra-curricular activities help us observe our community curiously.

During the summer programs when I joined the school, I enjoyed taking the courses. And since then I have been inquiring about myself and the personal changes that have occurred in me. Previously, I used to be a student concerned only for my grades and never attempted to cross out of my academic comfort zone. This was partly because I was never given the chance to explore myself through different activities. Lebawi has given me that change and I am using it to learn about myself and to identify and develop my interests in life.

The Lebawian community are full of so much creativity. That helps me and challenges me to reflect my own abilities and push myself forward onto higher level. It has been a motivating and encouraging space and now I participate in all activities; which I believe helps students prepare and develop the necessary skill for their future careers.

Eleni Girma
Grade 9
Dec 26, 2018