Nathnael Nigussie

In the past years of my academic experience, I have been a student only. A student learning just academics, being bound by world of expectations, and being filled up with others’ ideologies, ways and understandings. I don’t regret it as I had gotten the opportunity to learn. But it was only academics and nothing more.

After I joined Lebawi, I haven’t changed being a student, but only what I study. Now, I study myself. I am now on the way of finding the ‘perfect language’ to express ‘me’. Here at Lebawi, the space and time given, and the opportunity provided is not to be filled up like half empty glasses, but rather to reveal what is inside our half full glasses. It hasn’t just shown me the way but also inspired me to follow it. For me, a journey without inspiration is like chasing wind and having nothing.

I have started the path of knowing the glimpse of ‘Ethiopiawinet’ and the meaning of humanity – what it means to be me. Lebawi is not just a school, a community or a learning space, but it is also a family. A diverse family of people just like me trying to find their perfect language to express themselves.

I believe that if this idea and practice of education spreads wide, the school would be able to create many more spaces for young people like myself. I believe the perfect language to express me is to be me. That is why the starting of this journey is not to reach a certain destination but to know myself while travelling.

Nathnael Nigussie
Grade 11
Dec 26, 2018