Core Programs

➀ Academics

The Lebawi Way: Hybrid International Curriculum

  1. Ethiopian National Curriculum
  2. Global Best Practices
  3. Northwest School Curriculum
Schoo Head

Schoo Head

Currently, students enrolled into grade 1-12 cover different courses required by the national curriculum: Amharic, Biology, Business Education, Chemistry, Civics, Economics, English, Ge’ez, Geography, History, Information and Communication Technology, Mathematics, and Physics.

Moreover, best practices from around the world and a shared curricular framework with the renowned Northwest School in the Seattle area are the integral part of the knowledge transfer among faculty and students.

The 4 - Fold Approach

Schoo Head

Partner School

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➁ Leadership

Clubs & Organization : Students are expected to give as much attention to after-school programs as they do to in-class instructions. Clubs include the Photography Club, Science & Technology Club, Music Club, Philosophy Club and others.

Lecture Series : On a quarterly basis, Lebawi invites prominent and highly accomplished individuals to lead a series to help our students and the school community identify the connections between in-class instructions with that of real-world situations.

Evening with Lebawians : An Evening with Lebawian is a monthly program designed to provide an opportunity for students to share poems, plays, pros and other demonstration of creative talents to the school community.

Community Meeting : An African proverb states, “If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.” With that spirit, the entire Lebawi community meets each Friday to resolve conflicts and acknowledge each other’s achievements.

Experiential Learning: Through this program students are given the opportunities to test their classroom learning through work experience. Rising eleventh graders assume the responsibility of school operations under faculty supervision.

Community Service : Lebawi Academy is serious about giving back to its community and regards serving ones’ community as central to true success. Lebawi provides ample opportunities to initiate, design, and implement community service projects.

Student Representative Council (SRC) : Students are appreciated to exercise their leadership skills with a democratic student governing system.

No life is given without a purpose. All life has meaning, purpose, and direction. Education enables human beings to find individuated expressions of that purpose.