Lebawi Students

Lebawi students are the best and the brightest we can get from all over. They are focused, driven, culturally rooted in Ethiopian “Chewanet”, globally savvy and forward looking at the same time. There is something fierce about them - they are fearless and “hungry”. We respect them because they inspire us and produce beyond our expectations.

At Lebawi, students sharpen their cognitive skills with academic rigor and develop the capacity to lead from the heart. Lebawi provides a learning environment where all students build character and the will to prevail.

Where are our alumni now?

Message from Lebawi Alumni Association (LAA)

Schoo Head

“ Currently, students enrolled into grade 1-12 cover different courses required by the national curriculum: Amharic, Biology, Business Education, Chemistry, Civics, Economics, English, Ge’ez, Geography, History, Information and Communication Technology, Mathematics, and Physics. ”

Haymanot Tilahun Dessie
Investment Analyst at Zoscales Partners

No life is given without a purpose. All life has meaning, purpose, and direction. Education enables human beings to find individuated expressions of that purpose.