Recruitment and Selection

Phase I. Assessment Exam - All potential students sit for an entrance exam that includes all subjects. In addition to a written exam, students are required to exhibit them leadership potential though individual and group problem-solving exercises.

Entrance examinations on Math, Sciences, Social Sciences, English and Amharic as well as Aptitude will be conducted at this stage. The school is concerned with ascertaining the following from such assessment:

  • Be able to determine cognitive potentials
  • Be able to assess potential for development and growth
  • Be able to estimate motivation level
  • Be able to ascertain attitude to work and rigor

Phase II. Summer Program – Summer school is an opportunity for incoming freshmen/Grade 9 candidates to get a sense of the ‘Lebawi way’. Summer school also gives the Lebawi community the opportunity to provide the jump-start that the incoming cohort may need before they join the school. The summer school’s motto is “Learn, Serve, and Have Fun.” Programs and activities include courses such as Theory of Knowledge, Geopolitics and Model United Nations, African Studies, as well as Theatre and Fine Arts. Students that are not from the Addis Ababa area stay with host families and participate in local excursions with their Ethiopian counterparts.

Lebawi currently has one of the best summer school programs in Africa and is looking to continue to grow it to global level. The school is working very closely with its sister school, The Northwest School, Seattle USA, to enhance the education through international learning and cultural exchanges.

Scholarship Program

At Lebawi Academy, the mission is to provide education that inspires, nurtures and develops young women and men to be leaders in their communities, in Ethiopia and beyond. This requires diligently pursuing recruitment with the view that those who need it most actually get the opportunity.

The current recruiting process seeks to ascertain the academic potentials and economic needs of scholarship candidates through a rigorous screening and assessment process thereby feeding to the selection process. It also provides an opportunity for candidates to be immersed in the culture of the school thereby helping correctly orient potential Lebawi students.

Through our current model, Lebawi Academy will provide full scholarships for 30% of local Ethiopian students. Lebawi works very closely with 60 feeder schools of which a majority are government owned school. We have established cordial and close working relationships with all feeder schools ensuring transparency and clarity of recruitment practices.

Assessment and Examinations – In April of each academic year we conduct entrance examinations of candidates.

Remedial Preparatory Classes – these are classes designed to work on the findings of the assessments and examinations usually conducted in April of the academic year. During these classes both the school and the candidates benefit greatly. The candidates get to see how the school is run and what the expectations are. The school has an opportunity to help candidates elevate their level and provide the necessary acculturation.

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