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News and Events


MoE Announced National Exam Result

Lebawi International Academy is the only private school in the country with 100% passing rate on the grade 12 national exam.

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A special performance from our HoS

Our middle school pupils were treated to a special performance this week by our head of school, Professor Panos Hatziandreas.


Soccer triumph for LIA vs BGIS

Against the visiting team, Bisrate Gebriel International School, the LIA student soccer team triumphed victoriously.


LIA hosts parent-teacher conferences

Parent-teacher conferences, the third of their kind, where parents and teachers meet in person to talk about students' overall performance, were held at LIA.

Some of our Videos

“ቃል፣ ተግባር፣ ትውልድ” የመጽሐፍ አውደርዕይ

የትምህርት ካሪኩለም ማሳደግ ፣ አስተማሪን ማብቃት እና የወላጆች ሀላፊነት

“እየሰሩ በመምራት አምናለሁ” ውሎ ከቢል ኤንድ ሜሊንዳ ጌትስ ፉውንዴሸን ዋና ስራ አስፈፃሚ አቶ ሀዲስ ደስታ ታደሰ ጋር

አርቲስት አለምፀሀይ ወዳጆ የለባዊ ተማሪዎች ጋር የጣይቱ ማዕከል ጉብኝት

Madam President's Visit to LIA

አባይን አጀንዳው ያደረገ ትውልድ